What exactly is integrated allied health?

I hear you, what exactly is integrated allied health?

To put it simply integrated allied health is the teamwork and co-operation of a group of allied health professionals who are working towards a common goal. That common goal here at Inspire is to get you to your best result in the fastest period of time.

At Inspire our team consists of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, exercise scientists and dietitians. Each modality carries a unique set of skills that compliment each other when working towards the best client result. Health goals are best addressed in a multifaceted approach. There is never one person who is solely responsible, or has the ability to be solely responsible, for getting you the best outcome. This is why we believe in integration.

I get it, this all sounds magical but how exactly does it work? Let’s spell out a theoretical example.

A client by the name of John Smith calls to book in with the goal of decreasing his back pain so he can play with his grandkids more freely. Through a series of questions delivered by our admin team we identify the best allied health professional to help John immediately is a member of our physio team.

John’s journey through integration may look as follows;


While this is only one general example it illustrates the belief system that we have when it comes to achieving the best results with our clients. If you are serious about improving your health, work with a team of specialists rather than a “jack of all trades.” Objectively speaking the results will be light years apart.