Understanding Goal Setting

Goal setting and understanding your goal with clarity is one of the, if not the, most important aspect of achieving your health goals. So many people fall into stop, start habits with their health routines and 7 years on they all have one very very clear linking factor.

A lack of real clarity around WHY their goal is what it is! Sure, most people can tell us what they want to achieve.

Eg. Lose weight, increase strength, get leaner, get faster, have more energy etc the list goes on. To achieve your goals it takes a more intrinsic understanding of the reason your goal exists. The reason for this is quite simple, its hard. Changing your health for the positive is not always an easy process and it’s not always a fun process. When the not so fun times kick in you will need a very clear reason to continue to prioritise what needs to be done. What I have learnt is the following factors DO NOT lead to getting through the not so fun times;

  • A number on a scale
  • An arbitrary number on a bar
  • An external reason with no internal connection
  • A size of clothing

I guess what I am saying is that objective numbers might be part of the process (sometimes but not always) but they are very rarely the driving force behind success. The key to getting through the tough times is to have a very clear understanding of why your objective metric exists. Let’s use an example;

  • Sam wants to get stronger and squat 100kg
  • When Sam is questioned and challenged to think about the reason for that goal it’s revealed that he currently does not feel confident in himself and believe improving his physical strength will help
  • The 100kg is an arbitrary number selected however the real reason for Sam’s goal is to help improve his confidence through his physical performance
  • In my experience focusing on PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE and what your body can do is a significantly stronger focus for longevity and consistency of exercise

History tells me every metric has a perceived emotional attachment. As a health professional part of my job is to discuss this with you and sometimes help you talk out clarity for yourself. At times this is not always the most comfortable process but it is the most necessary aspect of long term success.

If you know your WHY, your reason or your purpose the tough days seem that little bit more bearable and inevitably staying the course becomes a more believable proposition.