A culture built on constant progress

As we go through another recruitment process to expand our team ahead of what will be a huge 2021 it really makes me think about who we are and what our environment stands for from a team member perspective. Inspire has grown and shifted and changed across its first 8 years as all business's do, As the business grows, evolves and shifts so do the types of team members that thrive the most in our environment. Not everyone will thrive in our environment, that much I can absolutely promise you. We are not for everyone and although once upon a time a younger version of our business thought we could be, (naively) we are not. What we have been able to do is identify who we are and the mentality of our most successful people tell the story.

Inspire is an environment of constant progress. We are always moving forward as individuals and as a group. We believe constant progress and operating from a growth mindset is the only way to get the best results with clients. If you are looking for a slow moving beast, I can safely say we are not the place for you. If you are looking to develop a career long term, I believe we are for you, no matter your degree in health.

I often reference to our applicant's that Inspire is a place for careers not jobs. Some may disagree with that statement or approach but it is quite simply me being honest. In my experience this is necessary. People in our industry busting their butt and committing to the learning process required to develop a long term career don't click with people looking to punch a clock in a job.

 Now I want to be clear here, there is nothing wrong with being a career or job person it is 100% your choice. While there is nothing wrong with either position it is my job  to make sure the team dynamics have a fluid nature and this is a big part of what has accelerated our culture, performance and therefore overall client results.

At Inspire we have a goal of making sure we deliver the highest quality client care we can. This is the collective goal of our team of practitioners and our dedicated admin staff. Their focus is purely on our clients. Our management team and ownership team are focused on providing the best possible opportunity for our staff to grow themselves professionally. If our team grows professionally, our client experience improves exponentially.

"We are about constant progress"

What a great buzz sentence. Before you ask I already know the next question, what does that even mean ?

"Constant progress"

Within Inspire our internal progression charts offer a setout series of pathways designed to take a new grad entry in whichever direction they please. Hold your horses, I know what you are thinking, what does that even look like ?

Let me outline;

Practitioner Levels

  • within our team practitioners operate at level 2 through to level 10
  • levels are decided on experience, cultural contribution, client results & customer care standards
  • progress through each level corresponds with objective metrics and team support

Inspire Leadership Team

  • At some stage the idea of purely being a practitioner becomes a question. Not because you ever lose the love of helping people but because life goals change. Family, relationships etc can change dynamics. You still want to help people ? Help through leading the next generation to success !
  • Our leadership team is currently a team of 10 great practitioners learning the basic fundamentals of business, leadership & low level business management
  • This is the beginning of the pathway to life after purely seeing clients

Inspire Management Team

  • For those people who see business management in allied health the long term career
  • A small team now that is expanding as our business expands

Inspire Future Leaders

  • For the right people, business shareholding options

I am incredibly passionate about this aspect of our business. Why? Because I have gone through the whole process and am grateful enough to be able to call myself a small shareholder in this business. I have worked incredibly hard and have got extremely lucky and had people show trust and faith in me time and time again (not always deserved).

7 years ago I was on the phone to my Dad and I quit our industry. I was out and I didn't want to do it anymore. I didn't see a future or a pathway no matter where I looked that made me excited. Thanks to the commitment, support and vision of Inspire CEO Wayne Zivanic I am where I am today and what excites me is I am only scratching the surface.

Nothing would make me happier than helping people achieve their own goals within our pathway.

Is it easy? No, we are a very accountable yet fair place. If you don't like discomfort we are not for you. If objective honesty isn't your strengths, we are not for you.

It isn't easy but is it worth it? There is nothing I have done professionally that I can think of that will ever be more worth it.