Senior Exercise Physiologist,
Accredited Exercise Physiologist,
BSc (ClinExPhys) & BSc (HlthExSci).

Zac’s work focus includes:

  • Adolescent sports based conditioning,
  • Injury rehabilitation and end stage re-conditioning,
  • Elite sports programming and athletic development,
  • General population weight loss and body composition.

Special interests:

  • Sport-specific conditioning,
  • Improving the transition from rehabilitation to training in adolescent athletes,
  • Injury management,
  • Elite athlete development.


  • 2 years private practice in Exercise Physiology with Inspire Health, working and integrating with other practitioners to ensure best practice for patients,
  • Junior Gold Cup athletic development program – Sunshine Coast,
  • Developing school aged athletes from a variety of schools to ensure improved athletic performance and decreased risk of injury.

About Zac:

Zac is the senior Exercise Physiologist at Inspire, working under the guise of Allied Health Director, Paul Peglar. His role includes taking on a challenging clinical caseload as well as running development blocks for the Inspire clinicians to help with their upskilling, which is something his is extremely passionate about.

Personally, he has a very strong interested in school-aged adolescent athletic development programming. He believes that by teaching and educating kids, coaches and parents on the benefits of effective movement, the risk of injury long term can be greatly minimised and performance greatly increased.

On top of this, Zac also shares a great interest in helping general populations achieve their training, fitness and health and wellness goals. In the age of short term success at the expense of long term detriment, he loves to educate and show people the scientifically proven ways to reach their goals and sustain this success for the long term.


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