Pilates practitioners

Dorothy Hawkins

Principal Physiotherapist, Accredited Physiotherapist, MSc (Phthpy). Dorothy’s work focus includes: Musculoskeletal pain and function, Sports physiotherapy, Education for coaches and adolescent sportsmen and women, Injury prevention physiotherapy for school age...

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Felicity Moore

Physiotherapist BExSci, MPthy Australian Physiotherapy Association Member Felicity’s work focus includes: Orthopaedic rehabilitation Ergonomic/postural analysis Musculoskeletal pain and function Special interests Sports physiotherapy Back pain Acute sporting injuries...

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Rachel Evans

Accredited Exercise Physiologist BExSS (ClinExPhys) Matwork Pilates Instructor Rachel’s work focus includes: Musculoskeletal rehabilitation Chronic disease management Weight loss and lifestyle intervention Matwork Pilates Special interests Back pain management Injury...

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