Exercise Physiology practitioners

Exercise physiologists work with people to improve fitness, strength, joint function, general wellbeing and medical conditions (cardiac, metabolic, respiratory and neurological). Our exercise physiology practitioners inspire people to enhance their lives through moving regularly, nourishing correctly and behaving positively.

Our team of exercise physiologists and exercise physiology practitioners are highly qualified, expertly skilled and based throughout the Brisbane region. You can see all of our exercise physiology practitioners here on this page.

Zac Litherland

Senior Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, BSc (ClinExPhys) & BSc (HlthExSci). Zac’s work focus includes: Adolescent sports based conditioning, Injury rehabilitation and end stage re-conditioning, Elite sports programming and athletic...

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Aaron Whitecross

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, BSc (ClinExPhys), Cert III and IV in Fitness, Competitive Strokes (Austswim) teacher. Aaron’s work focus includes: Strength and conditioning programming, Elite athlete periodised programs, Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Weight loss...

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Simon Bell

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, BExSS; BClinExPhys. Simon’s work focus includes: Athletic development and injury rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal movement assessment and biomechanical re-patterning for dysfunction and muscle imbalance, Strength and conditioning...

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Patrick Daley

Accredited Exercise Physiologist BExSS (ClExPhys) Patrick’s work focus includes: Chronic disease prevention and management Adolescent athletic performance development Strength and conditioning Special interests Musculoskeletal rehabilitation Athletic performance...

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Sarah Evans

Accredited Exercise Physiologist MSc (ClinExPhys); BApSci (HumMov+SptSci) Level 1 Sports Trainer Sarah’s work focus includes: Sports and athletic development Strength and conditioning Injury prevention and rehabilitation Chronic disease management and healthy ageing...

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Zenia Wood

Accredited Exercise Physiologist BSc (ClinExPhys) MSc (ClinExPhys); BApSci (HumMov+SptSci) Level 1 Sports Trainer Zenia’s work focus includes: Sport and athletic development Injury rehabilitation Creating challenging, rewarding and interesting training environments...

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Bridget Arnold

Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist BExSS (Major in clinical exercise physiology) Pilates matwork instructor Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Intermediate coach Level 1 sports trainer ESSA Accredited Gymnastics Australia Member Bridget’s work focus...

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Rachel Evans

Accredited Exercise Physiologist BExSS (ClinExPhys) Matwork Pilates Instructor Rachel’s work focus includes: Musculoskeletal rehabilitation Chronic disease management Weight loss and lifestyle intervention Matwork Pilates Special interests Back pain management Injury...

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Lindsay Shard

Accredited Exercise Physiologist BClinExPhys ESSA Lindsays’ work focus includes: Athletic Development Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Biomechanical analysis and assessments Chronic disease management General population weight loss and lifestyle modification...

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