Accredited Exercise Physiologist

BSc (Clinical Exercise Physiology)

Mitch’s work focus includes:

  • Decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass,
  • Improving general health and fitness,
  • Educating clients on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle,
  • Maintaining a motivating exercising environment,
  • Creating fun, challenging and rewarding trainings.

Special interests:

  • Decreasing body fat and toning,
  • Lean muscle mass gain,
  • Boxing and kettle bell training,
  • Exercise techniques.


  • 3 years in the fitness industry,
  • Has successfully owned and run a gym and outdoor-based fitness business.

About Mitch:

Mitch began personal training at the age of 15 and instantly found a love for it. Eager to learn more, he decided to further his knowledge and completed his Diploma of Fitness, which enabled him to further his work in the fun and rewarding industry he loved. After completing his Diploma, Mitch met an experienced Exercise Physiologist who inspired him to continue his studies. Mitch is now completing his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences and loves expanding his knowledge daily.


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