Accredited Exercise Scientist
BExSS, Dip.Bus
Level 1 ASCA Accredited Coach

Michael’s work focus includes:

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Body Composition
  • Effective exercise programming
  • Injury prevention

Special Interests:

  • Training for athletic performance
  • Enhancing aerobic capacity
  • Developing younger athletes
  • Re-training injured athletes


  • Experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Working with National level runners and cyclists
  • Running Strength & Conditioning sessions for a football club
  • Preparing junior swimmers physically for competition
  • Running group fitness sessions


Michael has enjoyed playing high level soccer (semi-professional level) for many years. He is interested in knowing how to get an advantage over opponents, regardless of the sporting field. He enjoys training for power and strength training whilst keeping up to date with latest research in exercise science .

Movement dynamics and how to function freely are Michael’s area. His top priority is to make a name for himself in the Strength & Conditioning industry, working with professional athletes while continuing to help the general population achieve their health and fitness goals.


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