Accredited Exercise Scientist
Level 3 BTEC Diploma
FA Level 1 Coaching badge

Jimi’s work focus includes:

  • Sport specific athletic development
  • Powerlifting meet prep
  • Body composition

Special interests

  • Individualised exercise programming
  • Exercise technique
  • Injury prevention
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Developing motor control


  • 6+ years working with individuals placing at local competitions
  • 2+ years building and delivering plans together with physiotherapists
  • 1 year as an Exercise Scientist assistant with Brisbane Roar Football club

About Jimi

For Jimi the driving factor towards pursuing a career in the fitness industry happened early on when he got caught by the fitness bug and wanted to achieve some form of greatness in the sporting field. Jimi has always aspired to improve body composition and athletic performance for himself and his clients, whilst continually seeking to find a better science to apply.

It is difficult to self-learn in the fitness industry as there are many misguided concepts. Over the years of being in the industry and applying key principles Jimi has gained the knowledge and experience to increase athletic performance as well as educate them to monitor themselves under a high return – low risk framework.

Jimi’s career is focused on improving movement patterning and efficiency with a holistic approach. His passion is to work with strength based athletes to get them stronger, whilst implementing exercises to remove dysfunction and prevent injury. Jimi builds programs in a multidisciplinary team including sports masseuses, physiotherapists and sports dietitians to ensure results happen.


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