Practicing Dietitian,
Accredited Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist,
BSc (HlthExSci) & MSc (Nut+Diet) & PhD (Phil).

Cam’s work focus includes:

  • Whole body and metabolic health,
  • Disease prevention and reversal,
  • Comprehensive and individualised nutrition,
  • Genetics and epigenetic profiles for best health,
  • Digestive issues and weight loss.

Special interests:

  • Brain function at work to optimise energy levels and productivity,
  • How your genetics shape your whole health – how to change their expression through simple foods and lifestyle choices,
  • Health in the workplace,
  • Food for body composition results in the gym.


  • Clinical Dietitian and Clinical Exercise Physiologist at the Wesley Hospital,
  • Private practice and own business for 7 years,
  • PhD in nutrient and exercise synergy for body composition change.

About Cameron:

Cameron is on a mission to bring easy and obvious health choices to the population. Cam has a strong background in science.


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