Principal Physiotherapist,
Accredited Physiotherapist,
MSc (Phthpy).

Dorothy’s work focus includes:

  • Musculoskeletal pain and function,
  • Sports physiotherapy,
  • Education for coaches and adolescent sportsmen and women,
  • Injury prevention physiotherapy for school age individuals.

Special Interests:

  • Adolescent sports,
  • Sports physiotherapy,
  • Movement analysis,
  • Injury prevention education.


  • 20 years in Private Practice Physiotherapy,
  • Elite Sports Practice – Olympics and NRL,
  • Lecturer at the University of QLD Physiotherapy School.

About Dorothy:

Dorothy has been a pioneer in Sports Physiotherapy for many years, having been the first woman to be appointed as a Physiotherapist to an Australian Olympic medical team in 1988. She has since become the first woman to work with an NRL team, in which she was with them for two premiership wins. She has been on 38 international tours with Australian teams at events like the World University Games, Athletic World Championships and Seoul Olympics.

Since moving away from elite sporting medical arenas, Dorothy has found a passion for rehabilitating adolescent athletes and educating them on injury prevention. Her knowledge and desire are the key factors that drive Dorothy to helping clients reach their full functioning potential.


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